Prem Jyoti Jgd

Vancouver, BC

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Prem Jyoti was initiated in the Yoga Science and trained as a Coach of Shri Vivek Yoga, Prana Chikitsa Ayurvedic Massage and Energetic Food by yogui Jivan Vismay, direct disciple of self-realized Master Shri Guruji Swami Vivekananda, at the Shri Vivek Center (Barcelona) and Nirpeksh Sannyas Ashram (India) (2007-2011).

Also, she got a degree in Pedagogy and Linguistics (UB) and, nowadays, she works as a researcher in the field of language, memory, communication, interaction and yoga (Shri Vivek). Together with Dr. Manjari Tripathi and his team, she is carrying out a research project on the Effects of Yoga (Shri Vivek) in people with amnestic mild cognitive impairment at the All India Institute of Medicine (New Delhi).

Since 2009 she is dedicated to spread these teachings in Spain, in Finland and since February 2015 also in Vancouver (Canada) at Inner Evolution Healing Center and at Padmashri Naturals. She regularly gives yoga classes (one-on-one, groups, adults, kids, corporative), ayurvedic massage, therapeutic coaching and intensive workshops. Currently, she is also very interested in the traditional meditative music from India (Ragas) and together with the musician Robindro Nikolic they started doing Yoga Shri Vivek and Meditative Music (Ragas) sessions in Barcelona and in Helsinki, she went deeply in this experience together with the Finnish musician Veli Peltonen.


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