Priya Doerte Fischer

Frankfurt am Main

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Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness -- Healing Sounds, Sacred Dance and Sema (Sufi Whirling) -- Awareness of mental and habitual patterns & Conscious use of the mind (applied neuroplasticity) -- these are all essential components to my life.

My intention is to live a life of authenticity, integration and evolution of my truest potential. My purpose is to assist and accompany others to find and walk their own full potential, their own true being.

This path often means to walk through crisis, chaos, illness.
There is no other way to master those than walking through them -- consciously. Obstacles are there to be conquered. That's what I have been experiencing all my life.

These are my offers:
* Trainings + Coachings zur Stressbewältigung, Burnout-Prophylaxe und Burnout-Regeneration
* Yoga: Kurse + Yoga Personal Training (Privatstunden)
* Yoga Nidra: Kurse + Einzelsessions/Coaching
* Ganzheitliche Gesundheitsberatung
* Ganzheitliches Life Coaching
* Ayurveda-Ernährungsberatung


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