Priyan Nithya


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I'm the founder of Nithya Priyan School of Yoga, a studio in Singapore focused on the structured learning of yoga Asana through a systematic and weekly thematic exploration totally 27 weeks.

I started practicing in 2008 as a complement to my meditation practice. Since then I've witnessed the healing and transformative power of yoga in my body’s increase in flexibility and strength, as well as an increased level of inner calm. I draw from my own experiential journey to wellness to bring a maturity and peacefulness to each and every class conducted. I resolve to attend to each student with attentiveness, patience, and compassion.

In my classes I use postures to teach postures, weaving sequences together with the intention of building muscle memory and awakening body intelligence towards a deep understanding of the peak pose. As such my classes and workshops are physically intensive but also proprioception based, striking a dynamic balance between inner focus and outer proficiency.

I have a firm belief in the practice of Yoga being a priceless gift handed down through the ages with its ultimate purpose being to facilitate a realization of the True Self and awakening to a Higher Purpose through the purification of Body, Mind, and Spirit.


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