Prosad Freeman

Saskatoon, SK

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My name is Prosad. In a nutshell - I perform, create and record music with a spiritual purpose. I teach workshops on Indian vocals, sitar and sound and meditation. I am a multi-instrumentalist and professional sitar player. I have included my bio below. I hope that we get to meet sometime :)

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Prosad's Biography:

Live free & follow your dreams

How a Canadian songwriter toured the world, composed for Hollywood, played for royalty, learned sitar and devoted his life to creating music with a higher purpose

Canadian musician Prosad is passionate, dedicated and driven. Sometimes it is easier to list the instruments that he doesn’t play than the ones he does. He sings, plays sitar, guitar, bass, didgeridoo, Indian flute and saxophone - just to name a few. He runs his own recording studio and produces electronic music. He has spent his entire life devoted to music. He started writing songs at the age of twelve, formed a band after high school and toured Western Canada. He then moved to Toronto from Saskatoon and graduated from the jazz guitar program at Humber College, while simultaneously spending those years studying classical Indian sitar. After college he left Canada to travel the world, including India, Asia, New Zealand and Australia where he collaborated with talented musicians and studied a plethora of world instruments, most notably the sitar and the didgeridoo (traditionally called yidaki). Now, years later, he is bringing it all together to become a composer and performer with a unique voice, a unique stage presence and a truly unique sound.

Prosad is a one-man show. His energetic live performances flawlessly fuse the sitar and didgeridoo with polished electronic beats and organic live loops on guitar, bass and percussion. He sings, plays a multitude of world instruments and has the unique ability of being able to play the sitar and didgeridoo simultaneously. His music carries the audience inward at times, while at other times gets them dancing on their feet.
Prosad stands out for many reasons. One is that he plays so many instruments and combines them in such a unique way. His music is a meeting point for traditional organic instruments and electronic music production. Another reason is that he has a message. Prosad has spent most of his life meditating and studying with his spiritual teacher, maestro Tulshi Sen. This has led him to search for a way to sublimate his music from an egoist pursuit - entertaining people in pursuit of fame and glory, to a spiritual one – sharing thoughts and energy from his own spiritual path with the intention of inspiring and uplifting others.
For Prosad, a spiritual path is the only way to find true meaning and fulfillment in a music business that can often be shallow and ego- driven. His music is full of energy and drive, it is catchy and you can sing along, but it has a higher purpose – to uplift and inspire. In ancient cultures, music was used for healing, ritual, strength and courage. Prosad plays ancient instruments like sitar and didgeridoo and remixes them for the modern age. The main focus and intent of his music is to create a positive vibration and to inspire people to have the courage to look within and follow their passions and their dreams.

Prosad has spent many years studying traditional sitar and the ancient raga music of India. His first teacher was Shambhu Das, Ravi Shankar’s senior disciple and George Harrison’s sitar teacher. He is now studying with the young prodigy, Alam Khan – son of Ali Akbar Khan Sahib and heir to one of the greatest Indian musical legacies alive today, the Maihar Gharana.

Prosad's study of esoteric music has been balanced by his work and success in the modern era of music production. He has two songs in Hollywood movies, including The Love Guru, starring Mike Myers. He also recently completed composing the entire score for the feature film, Nice2MeetU. Prosad has toured Canada, Europe and the South Pacific, performing in music festivals, concert halls and unique historical landmarks such as the castle in Forlimpopoli at the Didjin'OZ festival in Italy. Prosad has played sitar for Prince Edward of the United Kingdom and has been the featured soloist in a western classical orchestral concerto. In 2011, he also recorded with Australian artist Xavier Rudd on his album, Spirit Bird.

Prosad has created five albums of original music. He is currently composing for film, recording his sixth album and touring. He divides his time between Canada and traveling the world performing.