Réka Horváth


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Yoga has always been a part of my life, even before I realised it. I first met its spirituals aspects about 15 years ago. That was the time for me of falling in love with life including all of the big struggles of it. The first and inevitable yoga class I attended was in the beginning of 2012. Since then I have been trying to be increasingly conscious and watchful. Regular practice makes me humble, tough, disciplined, and brings new recognitions every day about myself and the outer world too.

I completed a hatha yoga instructor training led by Zoltán Kiss Nitai, and I kept practicing and started to lead classes at Ganapati Yoga Studios. Every day is a new chance to learn more about ourselves and the real values that serve our development. Yoga practice makes us be able to free our souls from the illusive barriers of the mind, and get closer to the inner wisdom. Reaching this state makes it possible to feel the connection and love with all living creatures, and this is the final purpose of yoga.

As a yoga instructor I can help others to recognize and break though their limits by regular practice. I try to do my best to transfer as much as possible from what I have received (or rather have constantly been receiving) and learned from this ancient knowledge.


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