Rachael Patterson

Dallas, TX
United States

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By 21 I was diagnosed with IBS, Polycystic ovary syndrome, chronic bronchitis, general anxiety disorder, anorexia and chronic depression, and by 22 I began developing cysts on my kidneys as well. Nothing seemed to work to fix my physical problems, and my issues with anxiety and depression began compounding, as I turned to alcohol to make them easier to ignore.

I got serious about my practice when I took my first teacher training in 2012. Yoga helped me get healthy, physically and emotionally. Once I was off my medication, I got pregnant. Pregnancy sent me into a spiritual awakening. I was able to stop self-destructing as I realized how beautiful life could be. Now, I'm a young mother, yoga/meditation instructor, writer, philanthropist and healer. I am dedicated to helping others move into a healthier, happier, harmonious and heartfelt future!


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