Rachael Sage Payne

Seattle, WA
United States

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Viewing yoga as a life-practice, Rachael seeks ways to bring the practice off the yoga mat and into real-life situations and day-to-day interactions. On the mat, Rachael views the practice of yoga asana (poses), breath, and meditation as an opportunity to be in ceremony with our higher Self and Awareness. This sacred ceremony is a place we can practice releasing judgement, attachment, and harmful thought-patterns and where we can cultivate a more present, compassionate, and ultimately more fulfilled version of ourselves.

Additionally, Rachael finds yoga to be a powerful tool for accessing the deeper layers of our emotional and energetic bodies and allowing profound shifts and healing to occur there. A master-level practitioner of Reiki, Rachael assists in bringing balancing shifts to the subtle body (chakras, nadis, meridians, koshas) through yoga, meditation, and reiki energy work in all of her offerings.


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