Rachel Berryman

Agonda Beach Goa

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Coming from a background of 20 years of ballet and contemporary dance training, Rachel has always been interested in working with the body and the amazing capacity our bodies have. She returned to Albania in 2011, where she had been living for 3 years, to open Tirana Yoga studio—one of the first yoga studios in the entire country. Rachel is honored to share yoga with those living in a post-Communist country with a long history of religious persecution and broken spiritual ties—helping those that are seeking, back onto the path of self-discovery and transformation. Rachel currently splits her time teaching yoga between Albania and India.

Rachel’s teaching style is a blend of her own experience—drawing not only from the physical practice of yoga in both its Eastern and Western forms, but also from traditional yoga philosophy and meditation techniques in order to develop an integrative, creative, fluid class that is energizing, engaging, and inspiring for all. She is a firm believer that yoga is for everyone—meeting people on their path where they are, in order to help them move forward with awareness, mindfulness, and heightened consciousness.


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