Rachel Browne

Portland, OR
United States

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I’ve been practicing yoga for almost a decade and completed my 200hr teacher training with Shakti Vinyasa in Seattle, WA. Although my training specialized in a more powerful form of yoga, I tend to personally gravitate towards the softer styles that encourage a flow that can almost become a meditation.

When I first started practicing, it felt like a foreign and strange exercise. I would often get bored, find my mind wandering, and wonder what I was even doing in class in the first place. But the one consistent thing that kept me coming back was that I always felt incredible after class.

What I didn’t realise when I first started practicing, was that emotionally, I was holding onto a lot of baggage; mentally, I was often thinking mean thoughts about myself without even noticing, and physically; I was not giving my body the movement it needed to feel good after I sat down in an office chair all day. All of this was happening without me having any awareness of it.


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