Rachel De Lorimier

Chicago, IL
United States

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Rachel was trained and certified in 2013 by Yoga District in Washington, , a studio based on Dharma Mittra yoga. However, training incorporated leading dynamic, vinyasa flow classes focusing on varying levels and abilities and enabling the future teachers to reach a wide range of students. Since her initial training, she has also continued practicing in studios focusing on Baptiste Power Yoga as well as Forrest Yoga, which have expanded her own yoga practice as well as her teaching. Rachel's classes generally consist of creatively sequenced vinyasa flow focusing on connecting breath and movement, encouraging students to have fun as they move beyond their self perceived limitations and toward a fuller embracing of self love.

Rachel's belief is that yoga is not simply a way to increase flexibility or strength, but ALSO a gentle guidance to a positive mindset and overall mental wellbeing. Classes incorporate each of these components through meditation, control of breath, and safe instruction into deeper and more challenging postures. Come join Rachel in a transformative, joyful practice!


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