Rachel Durben

Truckee, CA
United States

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I teach to share the gift of yoga with others. Guiding students towards their own truth and providing them with tools to find stillness in the midst of our busy lives is one of my greatest joys. I strongly believe that our connections are infinitely stronger than our differences and that by cultivating awareness of these connections, we can live in greater harmony with ourselves, each other and our environment.

I practice to find my center and to nurture my awareness of the connections between breath and body, individual and community, humanity and the environment. My practice has been a journey of physical and emotional healing since the first class I attended in 2000, providing me with the strength and compassion to be of service and to show up each day as my most authentic and imperfect self. Working as an environmental educator, my yoga practice continues to teach me new ways of understanding and interacting with students and nature.


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