Rachel Hessen

Chicago, IL
United States

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The funny thing about a yoga bio, while it is always true, it is always changing. I recently reread my very first one from a few years ago that tells of a divorce and loss, and getting tossed around by life, feeling threadbare, and how on the mat at my first class I found a sense of peacefulness. While accurate, I can barely remember that stressed out and sorrowful person. I feel my yoga practice is the greatest reason my life maintains a sense of balance, contentment, and health. In 2010, I up and quit my decade long cubicle job and flew to Cali and received my training at YogaWorks, a stellar program that teaches a hybrid of Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa yoga. I love practicing a Baptiste influenced, physically challenging, yoga but still hold on to the conviction that yoga is primarily about a calm mind, success being measured in the effort, not necessarily the outcome. As a teacher, I hope to create a class that balances effort and ease, creates a space that allows my students to find their own moments of grace and peace and strength. Outside of yoga, I am absolutely energized by the city of Chicago - walking its busy streets and paths, feeling the city pavement under my feet, the towering structures and magnificent lake on my side, the blue or starry sky above me. It is with a true sense of humility and gratitude that I hope to pass along this amazing gift of contentment and consciousness that yoga has helped bring to my life.


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