Rachel James

United Kingdom

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Rachel trained for 5 years to become a Hatha Yoga Teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga. She has been self-employed and teaching in Oxford since 2006.

Currently, Rachel is absorbed in the study of functional anatomy. She is interested in posture from the point of view of safe alignment rather than aesthetic correction. She holds regular workshops that delve deeply into Posture, Balance, Longevity and Spinal Awareness.

Rachel was born in 1966. She is of mixed ancestry, Indian father and British mother.

Rachel has been practicing many different styles of Yoga since 1982. She practiced pregnancy Yoga in 1998. As a single parent, she found it essential to make time for a weekly class and her personal practice. She battles with stress and depression and wanted to understand why Yoga helped her feel better. Her inquiry led her in to enroll in the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Foundation Course in 2005. This experience deepened her practice. It introduced her to anatomy, physiology, pranayama, (breath extension and control) and the bandhas (internal muscular locks, core strength, channeling energy).

The Foundation Course led to her enrolling in the BWY Teaching Diploma Course in 2006.

Rachel has established herself as a well-respected Yoga Teacher in Oxford with regular weekly classes. She teaches 3 drop-in sessions that are open to all. She has 6 long term private clients that she teaches 1-2-1 in their homes. She has worked in many fitness centers, gyms, corporate businesses, and Colleges. She holds regular workshops and teaches retreats abroad and in the UK.

Rachel attends Yoga classes, In-Service Training events, Yoga festivals, and workshops. Her personal practice is always developing and changing. Rachel loves challenging postures although the ultimate journey is a spiritual one. She continues to be interested in anatomy and experiential spirituality.

What is the answer to the question, ‘Who Am I?’ (अहम् कः aham kaH सो ऽहम् so ‘ham).


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