Rachel Wainwright

Vancouver, BC

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I LOVE yoga, pilates & dance!!! These three passions of mine are all paths of self-discovery; practicing them helps me listen to my heart, accept, appreciate and love myself. When I feel that way, I have the energy and love to pass that feeling forward to others. My personal practice helps me cultivate the courage to follow my heart and lead my life with love.

With a regular practice, I have developed the tools to make better decisions and create a better life for myself. Whenever I feel down -- stressed, frustrated, angry or uninspired -- I practice yoga, pilates or dance, and always leave feeling better: happy, peaceful and positive. My practice is therapy for the mind and the body.

Teaching is my ulimate passion and I enjoy fusing the strength of pilates, flexibility of yoga and fluidity of dance into one fun fusion class. My classes are creative, playful, uplifting, and have a rhythmic flow. In my classes, you will strengthen and lengthen your muscles, and increase endurance and flexibility. You will leave feeling de-stressed and energized all at once. My classes are for everybody and open to all. I give modifications to accommodate every level, from beginner to advanced.

So much of life can be heavy and weigh you down -- worries about finances, relationships and long “to-do” lists. I motivate my students to lighten up and raise their joy. I believe mindful movement combined with music can help shift your perspective and raise your vibration to a more positive frequency. I want my students to leave vibrating high on life.

Today is a new opportunity to feel better!

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