Rachelle Wintzen

Toronto, ON

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A certified yoga instructor (RYT), holistic nutritionist (CNP), iridologist and colon hydro-therapist & owner of The Chi Junky Studio.

Rachelle brings much expertise and experience to Chi Junky, and she leads by example.

Rachelle’s professional life began in the performing arts world as a dancer, but her thriving career was cut short by injuries attributed to overuse and poor nutrition. Abandoning her disciplined lifestyle, she was drawn to New York City’s nightlife, where she worked in top clubs pouring endless bottles of champagne and creating top parties for the A-list crowd for almost a decade. Her new lifestyle eventually left her physically and mentally wasted, and she knew something had to change.

Rachelle vowed to dedicate one year to a radical detox to flush her body of toxins, alcohol and drugs. Through lots of green juice and a 180 lifestyle change, she soon became addicted to living well—a junky for the chi she finally found.

She traveled to Belize to host yoga and detoxing retreats and found a home there for 2 years. Through yoga, nutrition and her commitment to educating each client along the way, Rachelle has helped countless individuals from all walks of life lose weight, alleviate chronic symptoms and make healthy lifestyle changes that last.

Rachelle has also had the privilege of working with many professional athletes in the OHL, NHL, Olympic athletes and the CFL (Toronto Argonauts) to help with injury prevention and increased flexibility through the JOGA program.

In 2014 Rachelle opened The Chi Junky Wellness Concierge & Private Yoga Studio, she has curated a team of wellness professionals who continue to help people from all walks of life meet their goals by making health and wellness simple, convenient, realistic and lasting.

Rachelle can be seen featured in The Globe & Mail, City TV News, BlogTO, TONIC, Chatelaine, Best Health & The Social CTV to name a few. Rachelle graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with first class honors and is thrilled to return as faculty where she teaches the branding modules in Professional Practice. She can also be seen as the face of FLOW water.


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