Radhika Randall

Camp Hill Brisbane QLD

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• Our style of yoga is called ayurYoga. It is for health & wellbeing.
The yoga style is GENTLE, and incorporates SAFE & science based anatomical and bio-mechanical principles. The yoga style includes principles of Ayurveda (yoga's sister science) adapting yoga to create balance within. This yoga also includes the principles of GravityFit to enhance posture, build core control and be better able to deal with Gravity gravityyoga.
Our yoga style is a fusion of:
• Hatha Yoga - physical yoga to bring balance to your mind, energy & body (Ha = sun Tha = moon)
• Vinyasa Yoga - linking yoga practices together in an orderly & flowing sequence
• Tantra Yoga - to give power to your practice (Tan = expansion Tra = liberation )
• Ayurveda - your yoga is modified to your needs & the time of practice (Ayur = life, Veda = knowledge)
• Prana - feel the subtle flow of energy within
• Meditation
• Mudra - to enhance your practice (Mudra = gesture/seal)
• Mantra - using the power of vibration to transform (Man = mind Tra = liberation)
• Marma - massage & awareness of special energy points (like acupuncture points) to improve mobility & well being


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