Rahle Dusheiko

Cape Town
South Africa

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My journey with Iyengar Yoga started in 1999, with a single book, Yoga - The Iyengar Way. Since the beginning, I have always been deeply interested in the practice, methodology and philosophy of yoga. My interest in anatomy feeds the understanding of yoga's effect on the physical body while the study of philosophy helps me merge this with the mental and spiritual aspects. In teaching and my own practice, I focus on alignment and breathing to spread awareness throughout the body to bring the mind and body into harmony.

I find it fascinating that the challenges we face both on and off the mat, represent that same obstacles in our physical, personal and spiritual growth. Based on this, I started a blog to share my insight -

I am passionate about helping my students find ease in their bodies and balance in their lives through yoga. In my classes, you can expect thoughtfully planned sequences which will both challenge you and foster learning about the wonderful art and science of yoga as well as gaining a deeper insight into yourself.


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