Raj Bangaru

Tustin, CA
United States

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Living is of utmost importance. Interestingly, the more serious this goal becomes, the easier we lose the playfulness associated with it. I am an experimenter to live the life Lin Yutang and Rishi Prabhakar envisioned and lived. The funny thing is their vision was to take away all the visions so that we can be totally free. I am experiencing an abundance that I thought was only a dream; In this abundance, all of life is ordinary, quite fleeting, simple yet beautiful beyond worlds.

There are a few places where you can learn to experience this in your own way. Everyone's life is their own experience in spite of the hundreds of truly enlightened masters who lived and living in this world. Some gentle nudges and satsang with great people do help a lot; I am in one such place. RSVK in India and Life Yessence Academy (LiYA) in USA are those organizations which gave me the glue to hold my life picture together. Sharing that picture with the world is a joy; you can experience it as well, this profile message is just a playful invitation to join us. Dancing is our joy, sharing is incidental and automatic.


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