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Myself Raj Patil born and bought up in mumbai , goal oriented and
at times very moody,very choosey,talkative,always try to stick to my words,trustworthy,happy go lucky,help full,creative,a good friend(buddy,son,brother,soul mate,lover,boy frnd ) confident,adventurous,good looking,a little caring,humorous,a little dramatic types,hate lies and fake ppl(pretenders), me good at heart and i truly deeply madly believe in love and waiting for it(soul mate), basically a complete package that a real kind heart sweet fantabolus naughty sexy independent trustworthy Girl would never miss on to ...........
this is just the gist of the entire list of what i am .............if u wanna know me better then buzz me,l only REAL KIND hearts call, rest please ignore ...coz this aint a joke< plz mark it >
keep smilling
love u
Now in-order for anyone to change or bring any change in themselves, one should have a clearer picture of what they want to be…. knowing is the crucial factor there should be two clear pictures, one is how would you see the changed world and second is how would or rater what would you be when changed…..

i would want to share how i want the world to be and things that i need to make those necessary changes within myself and grow towards the enlightenment…….

i want the world our mother Earth to be a heaven for the futures to come so that even the future generations know and understand the real value of life and continue enhancing our foot prints for a better tomorrow. this would be the real gift from us to our future generations to come. everyone likes gifts so gift something which will better our futures just like the nature has gifted us. our life is a gift in-itself.

How much do u value your life, that is your true and real value in the world,universe and entire solar system,else your a victim of illusion….raj Patil

There is a saying that the god is within you, you simply have to tune the frequency.
I c the god in all that is good, have and nurture good values grow them on daily basis practice them, grow them in abundance just like the entire universe. Let it get in ur DNA and forward it to the generations to come and certainly it shall result in better future for the

Many of us Dream and some achieve and the reality is we can all visualize ourselves in our desires, when we see ourselves doing something try and make it a reality….We all have choices’ and I realize different strokes for different folks’ but in essence no matter where we are from we “CAN” try and improve our circumstances even if its only by nurturing your fellow human being then you are making a difference in someones life and in your own…….

if you cannot do good then don’t do bad, not appreciating and motivating the one’s who are doing good, it is equally bad. open up c carefully, united we stand divided we fall it is a great sentence, use it. thank you for your love and support to all that is good.

I just don’t say it rather mean it, learnt it and keep on practicing it till my last breath.

with every muscle I develop even values and right knowledge (truth) are developed …DNA transformation in progress till the last breath
Raj Patil

Just remember India is a blessed country coz of it culture and love for nature. A place where even a piece of rock is worshiped with great love. do anything which will not harm nature in return.
explore nature it is in abundance it knows only to give learn only to give coz ur life is also given.
balance your life by giving.
and u will get abundance in-retun.
moksha(liberation) comes by giving. but the matter of fact is while doing this u get many things in return without asking for it.
it is nothing but rewards of your karma.
love your life and it will give u the fruits in abundance.
trust undoubtedly and believe in good values with good karmas it is only solution for all the questions.
we were born human beings but your life is about being human.
sow what u reap.
and my friends that is life. it is pure and the only truth u will ever come across.
life is meaningful just like nature.
understand it learn it and do it.

So y is it so difficult for us to love our brother’s and sisters, why don’t we encourage the go getters, how can we be so happy and calm about what is happening to our people. They talk about clean earth but it not possible unless and until we humans clear our thoughts and brains with love and giving our family brothers and sisters the motivation and support for nurturing and developing the hidden talents within India.

Don’t forget one of our Indian brother gave world a zero and the rest is history. So now its our turn to show the generations how to live life. Yes certainly we can do it.
Once we thought the world to calculate now let’s show them how to evaluate and create a better future.

I guess we have fallen for worldly desires illusions. It’s time for us to learn and practice what is right and do it with utmost love.

Love you all. Plz pass this message to our world. Let come toghether for, a better world and for the betterment of our mankind and nature.

Peace and love
increase in value leads to infinity….just like nature coz values are gained by learning from our beautiful nature coz nature is in abundance, definitely circle of people around you decreases coz they are victims of worldly illusions, and only way is to treat them with love and knowledge. remember the nature treats us all the same. it only knows to give that too in abundance. every single invention is an inspiration from nature itself so look around carefully. you will certainly find answers to all your questions.

gotta look at the bigger picture even if you are alone there are some factors which have kept you alive these are forces of nature, gods ultimate creation just hold ur head high look what is around you, who r u , why are you and my friend all your questions will be remember you are not capable of surviving on your own you are dependent on natural forces be friends with them coz they only know to give love and do good .... eventually u will carry these qualities consciously as well unconsciously coz we are influenced by people and surroundings , but always keep in mind the seeds of right act (thoughts,principles,morals) should planted before this journey, and then my friend you will be the awakened ............


well i have a simpler version of life and karma, we always have the opportunity to be a god or a evil. how ? well the answer is very simple wen one is fully aware of their actions they know what is right and wrong, thereafter whatever decision they take it either helps them or goes against them, if they opted the right path then the karma is plus if they chose to do wrong then it certainly goes against them along with causing problems for others, it is so simple yet so hard to practice. god made us, his finest of all creations where we have the ability to think to take decisions. he hoped to see us becoming god. most of us pray for so many reasons, out of which most are related with human actions and reactions. we are born with nothing and when we die, we don't take anything, all that remains is our deeds, our thoughts, our inspirations, scriptures, our art work etc etc and above all, facts and examples of true love kindness and compassion. god made us so that one fine day we realize that nothing belongs to you, nobody gave us the rights to do the same. we have draw lines on the map(globe) but the reality is, there are no lines. our thoughts, our greed and our ignorance denies the reality, we have been provided with all the required sources for survival, yet so many die of hunger, so many homeless, so many homeless, so many hopeless, so many thirsty, so many blind folded etc etc .. we are findings some many cures and medications for various diseases that have affected humans but most of them are reluctant to cure the man made diseases like greed, rape, inhumanity, destruction, misuse of technology , excess consumption of fuels, cutting down of trees, hunting down the wild life for worldly pleasures(status,strength,money) which only last for few moments. in reality, we have to get past these temptations and know what god would do. we humans have great powers but not responsible enough, which is a bitter fact, ugly truth. it takes a lot of efforts to know these facts few know it but take no action on it, which again is so sad and then we blame god for not getting it done. people cry for basic needs like food shelter and clothing when people like are provide with their basic needs they in return call the helper as god or we have the ability of how the god thinks , helps and loves we just need to preach and practice these abilities but after having these abilities or powers we should not consider ourselves as god coz we cannot control our lives anything and everything (universe) ....... but we can certainly use these powers for a good symbiotic relationship with mother earth and her humungous unexplored beautiful nature ... by planting the seeds of reality, right thoughts, right decision making, love, kindness , compassion, destroying inhuman deeds thoughts or inhuman feelings, seeds of responsibility towards mother earth and her well being, responsibility for growing these seeds into trees and enjoy the fruits with your children and then passing the future more hybrid and enhanced liberation in hindu religion it is called as moksha and moksha is defined but i guess after reading this one can easily figure out what moksha is and trust once when you attain this state in human life there are no rebirths only if you wish, only


my take on this topic plz share your views

intelligence with correct values leads to a responsible human if the intelligent person does not know with what or from whom to get inspired from will simply be a unguided high iq living creature…..secondly wen talking about experimenting with drugs then the person really needs love support and motivation to overcome these crucial hurdles of life but the most important factor is self motivation is the only best way for anyone to grow and right knowledge is the only key for self motivation…. in geeta it is said that objects of desire lead to attachments leads to strong desires that leads to anger or confusion which leads to indecision and lack of wisdom which eventually ends up with destruction……and ways to overcome this problem are as folows .. no strong attachments, one has to say to themselves that I am the decision maker, never follow your senses(mastering your senses), proper synchronization with mind and free from anger desire and fear. even i have overcome these sort of situations by only thinking about what i want to do and not what i like, always while decision making strike out what i like, only think about what i want to and slowly you will certainly control it….wen i see myself quitting from it , i write it off, i have no place for it, no tolerance for it and no patience for it, indeed………… thirdly wen talking about sex for me this word sex is actually inhuman and i have no place for it in my life. i would instead call it love coz it is meant to be in that way and that my friends is the reality or the ugly truth. for just give it a thought what if a person whom you love (truly) it can be anybody a friend, relative, parents, gf,bf,etc etc you put in your time effort and love just to keep them happy and in return you expect nothing but love and appreciation. but wen u get nothing or negative then it truly hurts, doesn’t it. coz human beings are gifted with positive feelings and emotions of which love stands out and makes us realize that true life is only about being human. so why waste your precious life’s time for worldly illusions instead share this precious gift of procreation with love,body mind and soul only with a single companion and experience the ultimate eternal bliss…….. or else leave the world with deadly disease called AIDS. abolish this waste called sex instead practice and preach love coz a human born out of no love, will face a loads of problems if you don’t think that we whole human race are one then please go ahead and hurt everyone, but don’t forget KARMA will hit you back coz what you sow is what you reap………………. life is beautiful, life is a learning game and live life as it is just a one time opportunity and our task is to simply grab it, so that you don’t have any regrets once you are dead…..eat good think good do good say good pray good preach good and practice only the good……………eventually you will leave good for the future generations to inspired by nature, it has good in abundance….its time for us to invent ourselves coz all the inventions sources are the inspirations from the best and love you is in all that is good. good is in abundance coz the nature is …….

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