Rakesh Sharma

Mumbai Maharashtra

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I teach basic Assan, Pranayam for beginners, healthy diet and tell ancient meditation technique called Vihangam Yoga.

Vihangam Yoga Step-1 Meditation tested with 192 electrode EEG test in India and abroad and result achieved are awesome ...... alfa waves in brain increases by 5 time with sustaining ,,,,,,highest ever recorded in any reducing in delta waves during meditation,,,,,. representing " restful alertness state" .

Benefits- Calms the mind, Distressing, Increase in efficiency, productivity, increase in decision making power, Enhance memory, Journey begins of self realization and God
Vihangam Yoga- Fly free - Delivering Health, Peace and Happiness since 1924.

Welcome at Kumbh Retreat- Nasik 2015.


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