Ram Bhakt

Long Beach, CA
United States

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Ram Bhakt Rezai, founder of the Long Beach School of Yoga is an experienced and gentle teacher (and life-long student) who lives and works under the philosophy of timeless wisdom, modern lifestyle and connection to inner beauty. He has extensive experience teaching classes and workshops at yoga studios, community centers, office environments and natural outdoor settings.

Ram has Persian roots and has lived and studied in spiritual communities across India, Europe and America. After studying neurobiology at UC Berkeley, he went on to complete the Advanced Yoga and Ayurveda Program at the American Institute of Vedic Studies with Dr. David Frawley. Later, he became a certified Ayurveda therapist at the Ayurveda Retreat Hospital in Coonoor, India. His teaching is informed by inteligent personal practice and compassionate heart-centered techniques.

Ram’s approach to yoga and the school’s philosophy is to focus on building
students’ sensitivity, strength and mental clarity through body awareness and spiritual insight that is organically revealed through practice. In addition to teaching classical Yoga and Ayurvedic principles, he specializes in advanced breathing techniques, meditation, philosophy and therapeutics.

He is registered as E-RYT and is available to assisted in teacher training modules especially on the subject of Yoga Tradition/History, Philosophy, Ayurvedic Yoga, Tantra, Kriya Yoga and Senior Yoga. He is proud to be a part of the Southern California yoga movement and leads yoga on the beach, Laughter Yoga and Kirtan at Festivals and local studios.

In his free time, Ram Bhakt enjoys playing the piano and practicing the ancient Chinese meditative practice of qigong. Find out more about his teaching schedule including Teacher Trainings and special workshops at


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