Ramdas Ormond

Pleasant Grove, UT
United States

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Hi, I’m Ramdas. I love yoga and I have lots of yoga credentials, like E-RYT 500 and Senior Teacher. I also studied with amazing teachers and mentors, like Yogi E, Chandrakant, Kamini and my favorite, Yogi Amrit Desai. I’ve practiced for 16 years and taught for 15. ***But, none of that is very interesting, is it?*** You want to know what kind of teacher I am and what classes with me might be like, right?

Sometimes I make bad jokes—really, really bad jokes—when I teach. Sometimes I get choked up when I teach because of an amazing story. You might even be the one telling it! I’m also not a very bendy yoga teacher. It’s true! There are days I can’t touch my toes in a seated forward bend.

I like smaller classes so I can learn everyone’s names. I want to know who you are and what you hope to gain from the classes I teach. What do I hope you will gain from the classes I teach? In a word, Freedom. I want your body to be free to move without pain (or at least with less). I want your mind to be free of stress and struggle. Can I help you find this freedom? Absolutely.

My yoga story is a long one; so, I’ll give you the short version. My family has a history of hereditary back problems. I started living with chronic sciatica when I was 17. I managed the pain as best I could with exercise but I was losing the battle. I would soon have to go under the knife like my father, mother and two of my siblings. Then I found yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for 16 years now. I never went under the knife and I no longer have sciatic pain.

The other half of the story is depressing because it’s about depression! (Bad jokes, remember?) I started living with depression when I was 8, another gift of the genes. Unlike the sciatic pain, I couldn’t manage the depression well at all. At 10, I survived my first suicide attempt. I survived 30 years wrestling with depression and suicide. Unlike the sciatica, yoga did not bring immediate relief.

After 7 years of daily yoga practice, I changed how I practiced yoga. Those simple changes changed everything. It’s 9 years later and in that time I haven’t had a single episode of depression, no thoughts of suicide. Freedom of movement, check. Freedom of mind, check. If this creaky body and crazy mind can use these simple tools to be free, so can you.


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