Ramona Friesen

Dharamkot Himachal Pradesh

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I have been practicing yoga for more than 17 years, and teaching asana for more than 10 years. My main focus has been Iyengar-based alignment and therapeutic uses of yoga. I am now working with my partner, Yonatan Saar, to teach private classes, and help to facilitate retreats and workshops in India and abroad.

We are dedicated practitioners of yoga and meditation who have undergone powerful life transformations though persistent practice. We find true bliss in silence, in spite of our love of speaking, and fully support those interested in pursuing the path of peacefulness. We create individualized programs for our students, based on their needs and goals as practitioners.

In addition to sadhana (spiritual practice), we are committed to a healthy lifestyle and eat a mostly sattvic diet, excepting our affinity for hummus, tahini, dates, cocoa beans and homemade chocolate balls.

Ramona introduces students to the benefits of yoga, and works to develop their physical awareness. She modifies the classic asanas to help students release tensions and creates individualized therapeutic programs to help practitioners to alleviate physical ailments while increasing their strength and flexibility.

Yonatan takes practitioners further along the spiritual path. He works on developing students’ awareness of the energetic systems (chakras and naddis), and manipulating energy through pranayama and mudra practice. Having practiced various methods of yoga and meditation, he can direct practitioners in the direction most suitable for them.

Yonatan is a professional massage therapist, with significant experience in providing and teaching Swedish, relaxation and Thai Yoga massage. He is an exceptional therapist and can swiftly pinpoint and resolve physical problems.


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