Rancho Margot

El Castillo, La Fortuna
Costa Rica

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Every day is a yoga retreat at Rancho Margot!

At Rancho Margot Yoga and Meditation are most commonly practiced at our Centre for Natural Living, which sits nestled amongst the trees perched above the Caño Negro River. The facilities are designed in an open-air concept that allows you to feel completely submerged in nature while offering protection from the elements during our twice daily (7am & 4pm) yoga sessions. The large space comfortably holds 30 people on a yoga mat with adequate space to move and enjoy the practice.

Imagine a place with fresh, rainforest air, an abundance of local flora and fauna, inviting you to listen and tune in to nature’s whispers. All the senses come into play as the sound of the rushing river, the singing of tropical birds, the gentle breeze sweeping through carrying the soft scent of indigenous flowers and the vivid colors of nature surround you in all directions.