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Raphaela has always been interested in sports. As a little child she started with ballet, then playing tennis from the age of 7. She attended many tournaments and participated in the Vienna league. She also was in a swimming team in school and started later with horse riding.

Beside her sportive activities she studied International Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics. During her studies she spent 1 year in Paris and completed an Erasmus exchange program, where yoga appeared for the first time in her life. But it was not that “aha-experience”, so she kept going with other sports like jogging or aerobic classes in her fitness center.

After finishing her studies she started to work in International companies and traveled a lot. For that reason she was looking for something more relaxing, additionally she got knee issues caused by many years of cardio training like running. In 2007 she started to practice hatha yoga weekly in her fitness center. Very quick she found a hot yoga studio in Vienna. It was hot, exhausting with a relaxing feeling afterwards. She fell in love with this challenging practice and went to the studio 5 to 6 times a week. The next step for her was to give all this positive energy and feelings to others.

So in October 2009 she participated in a Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Samui. This month in Thailand was one of the most intense and challenging experiences for her. Yoga had definitively become an essential part of her life. But it was only the beginning of an ongoing formation to deepen her practice.

After returning from Thailand she began to teach hot yoga. She also wanted to discover other styles of hot yoga, therefore she completed in 2011 a Hot Yoga Flow Teacher Training in Fort Lauderdale with Jimmy Barkan. The training was also amazing and life changing, she fell in love with this hot yoga style.

In Summer 2012 Raphaela opened her own studio in Vienna: Hot Yoga Vienna.


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