Raquel Ansari

Malaga Málaga

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Raquel was born in Spain and moved to London in 1999 where she started her yoga practice. She quickly noticed profound effects occurring through her varied Hatha yoga practices, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. Seeking to deepen her knowledge of yoga she undertook a 1-year teacher training course in 2007 in London, followed by further training in Mysore, India.

She has studied with both Siva Rai & Jeff Phoenix, who have been influential in the development of her Vinyasa Flow style. During this period of study she met and started teaching with Mark Ansari. Their passion for yoga, life and teaching is evident in their international classes, retreats and trainings.

As a long time yoga practitioner, Raquel has been able to digest the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual knowledge and wisdom that surrounds traditional yoga. In her teaching, she translates her personal understandings with a fresh and relaxed approach. Her particular area of interest is yoga philosophy & the human mind, both of which she has studied extensively. She has a talent for directing students deeper into their own experience on the mat and encouraging a greater awareness of yogic principles that can be applied to daily living.


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