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Ras Swami is from an ancient order of Swami monks, a direct disciple of Sri Nityalila Srimad Bhakti Promode Puri Goswami Maharaja- the founder Acharya (Head Spiritual Master) of Sree Gopinath Gaudiya Math in India and abroad.

Ras Swami is coming from a bona fide branch of centuries-old Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya-Sampradaya (preceptional succession) Bhakti Yoga. Registered under Act XXVI of 1961 (West Bengal).

According to the tradition of Vedic Dharma, Ras Swami has taken the vow of dedicating body, speech, faith, mind, life and soul to the noble mission of preaching “Universal Divine Love (Prema-Bhakti-Yoga) and Non-violence (Ahimsa)as preached and confessed by his beloved Gurudeva Srila Bhakti Pramode Puri Goswami Maharaja and by the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Ras Swami is authorized by the preceptional succession of Guru-Parampara (Spiritual teacher tradition) and Gaudiya-sampradaya to perform the most ancient rituals of Agnihotra, Yajña and Homa (Vedic fire ceremonies)according to the oldest tradition of Vedic Society.

Ras Swami has been involved with learning and teaching Yoga along with vegetarian cooking courses since 1968

Ras Swami has been practicing all types of Yoga school methods including oriental meditations, Indigenous shamanic ceremonies , Rastafari esoteric and exoteric teachings.

In 1980 he joined the ISKCON(Hare Krsna movement in United State) and worked for the International Society for Krsna Consciousness organization for 15 years. Traveling USA, Mexico, Cuba, Panama and Costa Rica, preaching and opening branches of ISKCON all over South and Central America.

In 1996 he meet his divine-Guru-Maharaja in Mayapura, West Bengal, India where he surrendered himself to his divine instruction and took Harinam-bhramin and Sannyas diksha initiation.

1996 to 2004 he lived in India learning from different Siksha Gurus and teaching “Bhakti-Mantra Yoga and Vedic ceremonies” in various Ashrams in 2003 he wrote his first book in the Spanish language “El Valle de Sombras”. This novel is a comprehensive narration of how knowlegde from Black-Indigenous traditions has been influenced by ancient oriental teachings

Currently, Ras Swami is traveling, preaching and sharing his transcendental experiences with Yoga Ashramas, schools, retreats, gurus, sadhus, rishis, priests, shamans, orphaned children and homeless people as well as rich aristocratic, human and non-human beings, spreading the sublime love messages of “Universal love fellowship…” without distinction of race, color or religion all over the world…

Ras Swami, has been living in Gokarna, Karnataka, Vrindavana, Uttar Pradesh, Mayapura, West Bengal and Jagannatha Puri, Orrissa in India, immersed in the most ancient traditional school of Bhakti-Mantra-Yoga Asrama, and has been traveling around the world teaching “Unity of the Heart”. He is currently visiting Ethiopia and teaching various workshops to share ancient and powerful techniques of Mantra Yoga



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