Rasha Ismail

Saudi Arabia

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Yoga classes for groups or private 1-ON-1in Jeddah for ladies

Hatha & Prenatal Yoga instructor
Yoga classes for groups or private in Jeddah for Ladies

YOGA FOR BEGINNERS & all level : Carefully crafted for beginning students, these sessions create a comfortable and nurturing environment in which to explore the mysteries of yoga step by step. These private sessions will build a strong foundation, increase confidence.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: I am also available for private sessions. Precise attention to detail in your alignment and focused awareness can keep you from injuring yourself in all of your activities, including yoga. Spend a few sessions with me, one-on-one, Email me directly to schedule.

Personal Mission:
To bring accessible postures for everybody & renewing yourself every time you step on the mat &rediscover yourself (^ - ^)
& teach everyone to love the body they've been given and the person they are.

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