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Portland, OR
United States
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Rashmi is life long yogini and dedicated Classic Tantrik (Tantra practitioner) who encourages her students for healing within on a holistic level and brings them health, happiness, harmony and healing in their lives within their own being, purpose, relationships, and sexuality.
In her classes, she offers individuals a chance to experience a deeper connection to themselves and each other. She teaches a beautiful and creative way to unblock the love that is present in each of us and around us to make our lives and partnerships/relationships sweeter, intimate and richer.
In her teaching of Traditional Tantra Yoga, she offers a holistic approach that provides practices for your whole self (not just the physical), so that you can experience, enrich and express yourself to your full potential. In order to express your natural potential, Like an authentic Tantrist, she teaches you to trust in and live by your true self (not the small limited, conditioned self), enabling you to release all limiting conditioning and illusions which block our true intuitive self.
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Services Offered

2 hr intial private consultation class$250120 min   Book
90 min private single class after initial consultation$20090 min   Book
3 class Tantra taster package including Intial consultation$55090 min   Book
10 private class package pre-pay$1,50090 min   Book
3 month upto 8 class in personSkype each month Package Payment Plans available$3,50090 min   Book
6 months upto 10 class in perosnSkypeeach month package Payment plans available$6,00090 min   Book

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My place
Notes: Prior to purchasing private sessions an application form also need to be filled email sacredgardenoftantragmailcom