Rashmi Tantra

Portland, OR
United States
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Rashmi is life long yogini and dedicated Classic Tantrik (Tantra practitioner) who encourages her students for healing within on a holistic level and brings them health, happiness, harmony and healing in their lives within their own being, purpose, relationships, and sexuality.
In her classes, she offers individuals a chance to experience a deeper connection to themselves and each other. She teaches a beautiful and creative way to unblock the love that is present in each of us and around us to make our lives and partnerships/relationships sweeter, intimate and richer.
In her teaching of Traditional Tantra Yoga, she offers a holistic approach that provides practices for your whole self (not just the physical), so that you can experience, enrich and express yourself to your full potential. In order to express your natural potential, Like an authentic Tantrist, she teaches you to trust in and live by your true self (not the small limited, conditioned self), enabling you to release all limiting conditioning and illusions which block our true intuitive self.
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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Thank you , I am grateful for your help.

Rashmi always manages to fit into her schedules a perfect time for me to get help and guidance that I dearly need. If kindness were not such a big need of mine I would probably get even more from wise guidance and motion centering practices that my very soul longs for .. The world is crazy these days and Rashmi leads me back like no one else . to the calmness inside of myself that I do truly love. Thank you Rashmi for showing me how to be at peace when trials are upon that which is mine but not me....

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Rashmi is an incredible teacher as well as mentor. I would highly recommend Rashmi to anyone seeking to find a more harmonious way to live in the modern world. Her teachings have helped me to seek a deeper connection between myself and the world around me.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
The Path of Personal Wellness

If you have chosen the path to self wellness , then Rashmi Tantra is certainly the finest guide to that path. She prefers the word authentic to describe her shared experience of Tantra with you. I prefer original ; as in from the original sources. Her funny and sincere, kind and serious guidance is an extraordinary opportunity to take your own personal knowledge to where you need to take it next. Yoga is a much misused word but allowing Rashmi to persuade you to find meaning real meaning in the experience is not something one should miss out on. I know that I honor the times I have had by valuing my practices and continuing them with a deeper sense of peace and joy. Thank you ,Rashmi ...thank you.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
"Rashmi Tantra is a real deal" AuthenticTantra from India

I had pleasure of taking Rashmi's private Classes in San Pedro and Long Beach, California.
And I have to say my life is transformed in so many ways. She is not only wise, beautiful soul and a lovely person to be around, but also an amazing embodied Tantra teacher, who understands the practical considerations we all deal with in our daily lives. She teaches you beautiful, practical, physical ways and exercises to connect more deeply with your core self, your impulses, your desires, your partner and your overall life. I truly feel so blessed to study with Rashmi.

She is a beautiful inside out and authentic Tantra yoga teacher, which is almost impossible to find in modern western world.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Not sweaty power-yoga, just powerful yoga

Some may think Tantra Yoga isn't serious yoga. Rashmi not only takes us through intelligent to challenging postures, but she teaches in a way that takes each of us into a deeper understanding of ourselves, others, and the yogic lifestyle. Her classes are not sweaty power-yoga, just powerful yoga.