Rashna Dinshaw

United Kingdom

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I loved yoga as a child but didn't take it up serious until 1998 following a tragic loss when I lost my husband to cancer.

Yoga gave me a sense of peace and well-being, I felt more focused and coped very well during stressful and challenging times. The mind/body balance and health benefits are but a few aspects of it.

End of 2014 I took a career break and decided to train as a yoga teacher. I have been training at Sam Rao Teacher Training School since January 2015 and within a few months built up my confidence and have started my own classes in Crowthorne in September 2015.

My style of teaching is very simple, it is Hatha Yoga and I have gone back to basics especially as I have a mixed range of clients who range from children as young as 12 to adults in their 60s. Its wonderful and love the fact that I too am learning new things every time I spend that special teaching moment with my clients.

Soon I will be a fully qualified teacher and aim to run more classes from 2016


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