Rebecca Bogue

United Kingdom

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Rebecca has spent most of her life exploring the connections between body, mind, movement and stillness. She has trained in various forms of dance since her teens and has performed in London and abroad for over 20 years.

She first happened upon yoga in Montreal, Canada, where she completed an intensive Ashtanga Primary Series course with Allison Ulan in 1998. This proved profoundly influential no became a regular complimentary practice to her dance career for several years. On her return to London, she developed an interest in Anatomy & Physiology as well as teaching. She completed teacher training and taught various dance related subjects.

In 2005, she met Edward Clark (Tripsichore founder) who proved inspirational. As a result, she deepened her Yoga practice by embarking on Yoga Teacher Training with Edward and Elizabeth Connolly.

Rebecca now teaches yoga to a variety of people including dancers, actors, inmates, children and ME sufferers. However she has spent the last 8 years specialising in Yoga for cyclists and runners. She believes that Yoga has the potential to be transformational to all who are open to embodiment.

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