Rebecca Buckleystein

Bellefonte, PA
United States

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As a registered, certified, Kripalu, yoga teacher (RCKYT) I offer a wide range of knowledge, experience, and skills.

In the summer of 2011 I became a short term resident at Himalayan Institute, a yoga center/ashram created under the lineage of Swami Rama, located in Honesdale, PA. While living and working at Himalayan Institute, I was able to focus on deepening my asana practice and studying the history and philosophy of Yoga. Through my time at Himalayan Institute I realized I wanted to become a teacher. In November 2011 I earned my 200 hour yoga teaching certificate from Kripalu School of Yoga, based out of Stockbridge, MA.

As a Kripalu Yoga teacher I relish in the opportunity to give the gift of yoga to my students. I truly believe that yoga is for everyone and I enjoy working with students who don’t see themselves as ‘yogis.’ For me, yoga has very little to do with getting into complicated asanas (postures) or pushing the body to extreme limits. Yoga is a way to practice flexibility in the body – with the hopes that it can teach us how to be more flexible in our minds. Swami Kripalu once said, “To practice every action artfully is yoga.” I strive to offer students a safe place where they can do just that.

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