Rebecca Coales

United Kingdom
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I'm a yoga and breath coach living in Bristol, UK. I specialise in working with athletes who are struggling with repeated injuries, illness, underperformance, fatigue, anxiety and exercise dependence.

I've been an athlete myself, and experienced all of the struggles in one way or another; however I did also find success and set 5 National Records. I also represented the UK twice at World Championships.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

11 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Wonderful yoga instructor

Definitely the best yoga class I've tried in Bristol! Rebecca is a professional, brilliant and supportive yoga instructor who makes time and supports everyone in her class. Love it!

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Awesome instructor

Rebecca Coales is an awesome yoga instructor. I was highly impressed by her class and would love to do one again.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

This was my first set of Yoga classes, really enjoyable class and will definitely book more.

Looking forward to the next set!

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Perfect start to weekend

I have been going to the Friday Yoga for Sports class for a few months and find it a perfect session before the weekend after a week of running and swimming. The stretches and poses are often tailored to specific sports issues and Rebecca gives really useful tips for stretches and poses that can be done at home for specific muscles.

I was used to Ashtanga and Vinyassa Flow so this class is definitely less cardio/ dynamic, but feels extremely good for my posture and I notice the difference when I miss a class!

Rebecca is an extremely friendly and down to earth teacher with a balanced approach to practice.

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Review of yoga sessions Bristol city centre

The sessions are very well structured, and each one is focussed on a different set of movements. It is very well tailored to a short lunchtime, and they are aimed at getting us moving having spent all morning sitting down in the office! She has a warm and friendly approach and doesn't push you into things you're not ready for.

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Fantastic friendly yoga instruction

I've been to many yoga classes over the years but I have definitely enjoyed Rebecca's classes the most out of probably ten different teachers, as she is so brilliantly friendly, positive and not at all intimidating. She teaches a great mix of yoga including introducing lots of new things- but never anything too crazy, she doesn't push you to do anything you can't manage and is very welcoming of beginners and recognises peoples' different constraints. I always leave the class feeling like a new person physically and mentally and wishing that I could go to her classes more often! Thanks Rebecca!

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My husband & I have been having 1-2-1 sessions with Rebecca for appproximately 12 months. Rebecca has been professional ,responsive to our needs and innovative in the sessions she has taught. I attend other "public" sessions with Rebecca in which this approach is repeated to a very high standard. I would not/do not hesitate to recomend Rebecca to friends family & work colleagues.

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Monday lunchtime yoga retreat from work

Rebecca's monday lunch time Yoga at work ios an essential for me, it's part of a package I have in place to help control my depression and anxiety. I find the mix of core body postures, concentration on breathing and relaxation techniques a perfect combination. Rebecca extremely friendly, helpful, patient and teaches Yoga in a very relaxed, stress free environment, just what the Doctor ordered!!

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Excellent teacher - very happy to recommend her!

I always enjoy Rebecca's classes - she's a natural at explaining things and keeping you motivated and making the class interesting. She has a strong focus on how yoga can help sport drawing on her experience as an athlete. Her breathing work and relaxation really complement this too. One of best yoga teachers I've had.

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Excellent Yoga Instructor

Rebecca is an excellent yoga instructor. Extremely friendly, calm, experienced and dynamic. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone interested in yoga particularly those already interested in sport.

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Already changed my life!

I am very new to yoga, but I can say that after 2 months I'm already noticing the positive mental and physical effects from Rebecca's classes. I take part in a lot of extreme sports as well as plenty of swimming. The yoga is helping my core and certainly stretching my shoulders to prepare them for mountain biking and swimming after a week of slouching in the office. Rebecca's classes are relaxing but at the same time make you feel like you have challenged your body. Even though I am a beginner, I have never felt like one in these classes. I definitely recommend Rebecca's classes.