Rebecca Pflaum

Ubud Bali

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"Rebecca's classes are an experiential explosion of music, sweat, stillness, and energy that will open your heart and leave you overflowing with bliss."

Rebecca is an internationally admired Kundalini Yoga teacher who has travelled extensively to share her life, experiences, wisdom and Truths. An experienced instructor and humble student, Rebecca has led several teacher trainings, retreats and workshops around the world. She has taught at the Bali Spirit Festival for 5 years, Japan, Hong Kong's Evolution Conference, Vietnam, Shanghai, Singapore, the US, New Zealand, London, Vienna and Milan. The more she travels and teaches the more Rebecca realizes that people are really the same all over our planet. We are all wired to seek peace, Love and harmonious living.

Living, breathing and teaching for over 18 years, her love and passion to share the joy and power of self-awareness, health and spirituality have drawn her to create Chakra Ma jewelry, clothing and now, Naya Ubud ~ A beautiful oasis in Ubud, Bali, for hosting beautiful retreats, soulful gatherings, homestays, nourishing meals, and stillness. Visit to learn more.

About Rebecca's style of Kundalini Yoga ~ "Chakra Ma Yoga"

Chakra Ma Yoga is an intuitive, inspired style of yoga, which focuses on heart centered practices, joy-filled sound, movement and meditation. So much of what is shared in her classes is inspired by the wise and wonderful teachings of Yogi Bhajan, the late Master of Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is a fast, effective and joy-filled practice which encourages physical and mental flexibility, harmonizes the Chakras, alleviates stress and expands our sense of gratitude. Through this practice one cultivates inner peace, embraces personal power and spiritual awakening. Its dynamic blend of breathing, movement, postures, meditation, mantras, mudras and relaxation enable you to tap into your vast reservoirs of potential to feel abundantly creative and live graciously and gratefully.

Feel joyful, energized and expansive in as little as 3 minutes. No previous experience is necessary. If you can breathe, you can do it!

Sharing the wisdom, the tools and the experiences in yoga that have powerfully and positively transformed her life, Chakra Ma Yoga offers you a path to reclaim and rejoice in your Highest Selves and experience the sublime sacredness of being alive!

Experience & Training

Rebecca is certified through the Kundalini Yoga Institute, and has a specialized certification in pre-natal yoga, deeksha & Reiki.

Rebecca is also a proud Mama of four sons, who have been four of her greatest teachers.



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