Rebecca Shah

United Kingdom

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Rebecca Shah has been practising and studying yoga for over 12 years in the Viniyoga tradition. She is a calm and experienced teacher and works with both adults and children at Clarity Yoga. She is fully insured to teach with the Yoga Alliance.

Rebecca began her in-depth Viniyoga yoga training at the Centre for Yoga Studies, Bristol in 2005. She started a daily home practice with her wonderfully inspiring one to one teachers, Sylviane Gianini in France and Janet Evans in London.

Rebecca has also studied to teach yoga and mindfulness to children at the Special Yoga Centre with Jo Manuel.

Before setting up Clarity Yoga, Rebecca worked as a teacher and teacher trainer at University College, London. She therefore is well aware of the stresses of a demanding job, and found yoga can make an enormous difference to increasing calm, energy levels and concentration.

Rebecca's classes include the creative sequencing of postures, a focus on appropriate breathing patterns, and meditation and relaxation techniques. Rebecca also has a strong interest in yoga philosophy and how this ancient wisdom can help us develop a greater clarity and understanding, which can assist us in the way we live our lives in the modern world.


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