Rebecca Simpson

brisbane QLD

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Drawn to creative movement from a young age, Bec was involved in dance and acrobatic classes. This is where her love of movement began. She enjoyed exploring the capabilities of the body and recognising the positive effects movement also has on the mind.

For Bec, yoga started over ten years ago as a casual love affair, a way to ease body tension and cope with a stressful work life. Yoga quickly weaved its way into her daily life and became a lifelong dedication. Now as a mum to her little boy Sonny Ray she understands that living yoga is not just about what happens on your mat but is about living consciously, nourishing the body and finding time everyday to connect with one’s natural state.

Bec believes to be a great teacher you must be a great student and thus her study of yoga continues as a process of self study (svadhyaya). She qualified as a yoga teacher in 2007 after completing a year long part time training course with Akash and Adam Bornstein from Radiant Light Yoga. She began teaching after completing the course and since this time has carried on further studies including “Yoga Therapy Training” and “Radiant Child Teacher Training”. More recently she has studied training modules with Being Yoga, in “Active Birth” and “Advanced sequencing”.

Bec’s classes are focused around “creative flow” and directing energy to awaken the natural energy flow (prana). Students are guided in a fun and relaxed manner to explore their own expression of yoga. You don’t have to be experienced to reap the benefits. She encourages students to practice with ease and body wisdom believing that you adjust the pose to the person not the person to the pose. It is her aim to cater to the individual with the intention of creating a safe and nourishing environment for her students.