Rebecca Warfield

Wilmington, NC
United States

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Rebecca Warfield, founder of Anahata yoga, is a private yoga instructor in Wilmington, North Carolina. After graduating from RYT-200 under the guidance of Lexi Paulos, Rebecca founded Anahata Yoga—a private yoga business that serves women and trauma-sensitive populations. Rebecca offers private and small group sessions that are student-centric. Each class is developed to meet the practitioner’s physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Rebecca works closely with each client to develop a personalized program using a combination of vinyasa, restorative, and yin yoga, as well as pranayama (breathwork) and meditation.

Through Anahata Yoga, Rebecca helps women and trauma-sensitive populations find awareness, empowerment, and healing. Currently, Rebecca is undergoing further training in women's yoga and yoga for trauma victims, including specialized support for military veterans. Rebecca is also working with Yoga Village, a non-profit organization, to provide yoga classes for underserved residents in Creekwood--one of Wilmington's most impoverished neighborhoods.

Even though Rebecca's niche is working with women and trauma victims, she believes everyone can benefit from yoga. Therefore, she also teaches at various locations in the Wilmington area. Her repertoire includes basic, restorative, and power yoga, as well as yoga for dancers.


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