Rebecca Wilson

United Kingdom

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Through many years of practice yoga has taught me patience and kindness, it has lead me to learn and understand the essence of my being . This ancient pracice has brought me to connect deeply to who I am, creating a space for me to find balance, stillnes and peace both on and off my yoga mat.
This life changing journey I had been experiencing through the practice of yoga lead me to travel to bali and complete my 200hr tt
My only wish was to be able to share this precious gift and knowledge with others and hold a space to enable people to connect to the practice, themselves and provide skills to live a fullfilling, connected and present life.
The ability for me to now do this is a gift beyond measue.

Whilst competing my 200hr TT my teacher asked me-

What is yoga and becoming a yoga teacher to you?

"yoga isnt about touching your toes or the perfect posture, it is a practice that is availabe to every-body, every level, every age. Yoga for me has been a life transforming practice and a journey of self discovery towards a more concious, balanced and peaceful way of being, feeling connected to my mind, body and the world around me.

The ultimate aim of my teachings is for students to leave class feeling better than they arrived- however that might look or feel to them.
An individual journey where no two look or feel them same"
"paths are many, truth is one"

Sat Nam
- Truth is my name


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