Regena Rosa Celeste

Bozeman/ Hollywood, MT
United States

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As a licensed Realtor, I was driven by deadlines, contracts, timelines and projects at every corner I met. I still often find myself motivated by goals, yet thanks to Yoga and the path of self reflection, I found a deeper, more profound meaning behind it all. Behind LIFE! I now find myself in a deeper, more healing and generous space of contribution. Now, able to clearly see my gifts and confident in sharing them with the world; whether it's Kids Yoga, Adults or Family, Yoga is for everyone, and I look forward to sharing it's many abundant benefits with you!

To learn about how I can help you in your path, please message me at

To learn about upcoming Retreats, Workshops and Group Classes as well as how to work with me One-One, please visit my visit Leave a Comment, say hello :)


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