Reka Hargitay


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Reka Hargitay is a nomadl with roots in Hungary and Austria, travelling through lands, cultures and minds seeking authenticity, variety, creativity and connection wherever she goes. Since over 12 years her professional career is dedicated to spread ideas and practices she feels passionate about internationally, in order to enhance the beauty and abundance we live in: Yoga classes, Hundertwasser museum tours&workshops in KunstHausWien, Flow-Nuad sessions (Thai Yoga Bodywork) and last but not least AcroYoga. Her yoga journey started 17 years ago with Hatha Yoga, and soon she discovered many other yoga styles. She sticked mostly to Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga styles and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in her own practice. Since 2008 AcroYoga keeps elevating her yoga and sharing practice in a whole new dimension: trust, balance, joy - a playful celebration of caring human connection. In order to expand her experiences and knowledge towards a life closer to nature she completed a Permaculture Design Certification course at Yoga Forest in Guatemala and joined a 5 months journey with an artisticly and ecologically active, international horse caravan, giving performances along the path in Chiapas, Mexico (Nomads United).
Reka is internationally certified in Flow-Nuad, Hatha Yoga, Agni Jóga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, AcroYoga, AYfit, Permaculture design and has a Magistrate degree in communication sciences.


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