Rekara Gage

Silver Spring, MD
United States

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Rekara Gage is a Registered Yoga Teacher who started practicing Vinyasa Flow in the Fall of 2009 with hopes of finding community and purpose. Although the physical practice brought her to the mat, the peace of mind urged her to explore the philosophy and spiritual connection that helped her unlock her full potential. Connecting to the positive energy of others, yoga creates a space for all to open up to possibility and a limitless version of themselves. Passionate to continue learning and growing, she not only incorporates elements of yogic teachings and a variety of styles into her classes but also in her everyday life and encourages her students to do the same—find the flow in everything. Linking meditation, breath and posture, her goal is to ensure that her students leave feeling better than they did when they came in. As a newly certified teacher, students can expect a creative class that explores the energetic possibilities of asana and breath for all bodies and all ages.


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