Renae Dupuis

Whittier, CA
United States

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Renae M. Dupuis, R-HYI 225 Instructor
(also Trauma-Sensitive, Chair/Senior, and Kids Yoga certified)

Following a strenuous and draining year of homeschooling my youngest child, I found myself driving straight to a yoga class the first day after summer camp drop-off. The unusual thing about this is that I had only been in one yoga session before, and that was 8 years ago. But on that day, I found an opportunity to connect my spirituality to my body work during my hour long communion with God. As I started to explore deepening my practice of "whole body worship," I began to look for additional yoga opportunities that were aligned with my sense of deep spiritual connection.

When I found a local Holy Yoga class, I started looking into their training program and found that one of the specialties (following the initial 225-hour certification instruction) included Trauma-Sensitive training, something that would be a significant support for my own children who come from a trauma background. That cinched it for me, and I began my training at the beginning of 2015, becoming certified in June of 2015.

I am excited to bring this opportunity for spiritually connected and Christo-centric yoga to my Southern California community.


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