Renata Szewczyk

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How did I become Yoga Teacher?

Five years before, I began to practice Iyengar Yoga to heal hip problems that had been plaguing me from infancy, as well as a aching spine ruined by years of desk work. Later, as I was traveling India and Southeast Asia, I was lucky enough to discover beautiful places and learn yoga and meditation from teachers of different lineages. The more I traveled, the further I went into my practice, I came to realized, the most exciting journey is the one within yourself. Nothing gives me more balance, insights and faith in myself, than the practice of Yoga. I wanted to know more and go deeper. It was in Thailand where I became a qualified teacher under the guidance of a beautiful soul Satyama Lasby. She guided me to become a teacher and inspired to share my passion for Yoga with others.

Yoga I teach

Hatha Vinyasa at a moderate pace and Hatha mixed with elements of Iyengar Yoga. I am definitely an Alignment Junkie, but I also put focus on breathing patterns and philosophical aspect of the practice.

Meditation techniques I use

Pranayama, OSHO Active Meditations, Mindfulness, Meta, Chanting, Visualization, Yoga Nidra, Candle Light Gazing, Intuitive Painting, Creating Mandalas.


English, Polish, Thai (nit noi).


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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A beautiful class for a beginner

I attended a brilliant session with Renata in Penang, Malaysia whilst I was travelling in the area earlier this year. She taught patiently, clearly and with kindness. I was very much a beginner at the time and I struggle with flexibility in my legs, but Renata didn't make this a big deal at all and offered me extra support without making me feel embarrassed. She even gave me tips for yoga schools in my next destination, which was very much appreciated. Thank you :-)

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A very good yoga teacher

Renata was my yoga teacher in TCDF, Pak Song. I liked her class very much. She explained the poses very well in detail. I found I could do more poses than before with her explanation. She paid much attention on safety in teaching yoga with us. I had a very good experience in practising yoga with Renata.

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Wonderful teacher, wonderful person!

Renata was my teacher during my stay at TCDF near Ranong, Thailand. I found her to be very helpful and knowledgable about yoga as well as being friendly and a comfortable presence. All of the classes with her were fun, challenging and rewarding. Would definitely recommend her as a yoga teacher!

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Informative, calm teacher

Renata introduced me to Yin yoga. She is a very positive and calm teacher, who always leaves me feeling great at the end of class and beyond.

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Wonderful Yoga Teacher!

Renata was my yoga teacher for a week, twice a day at Eco Logic, Paksong, Thailand. It was wonderful! Renata is a terrific yoga teacher en a wonderful person. I really enjoyed her classes. She has a calm and inspiring energy and she makes you feel comfortable with all yoga poses, no matter what yoga level you have. I hope I have the chance to attend her classes again!

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Enjoy playing Yoga with Renata!

We played Yoga with Renata in Thailand. We were traveling and playing Yoga around Thailand and she was a teacher at a organization that supports handicap children. We throughly enjoyed our time with her! If ever we are in her area we would join her class. She has the ability to create a wonderful flow & sequence. wish we could have spent more time with her! Hopefully our paths will cross again!

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Attention to detail

I have studied with Renata several times in the past three years. She has an in depth knowledge of the physical postures but encourages her students to go beyond mere exercise. Often she would stay back after class working with people one on one,
to help improve their practice or answering questions about nutrition and health. Renata has a genuine care for the well being of her students and genuine love for yoga.

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Wonderful and original yoga teacher!

I was so lucky to have Renata as one of my teachers during my 200 hour teacher training. Renata is a warm and gentle person with an ability to laugh at herself and bring humour to her classes. As a teacher she is very approachable and is proficient in many different styles of yoga. I learnt some great sequences from Renata that I had not previously come across.

I also loved Renata's artistic and creative energy, which I experienced in her art & mindfulness meditation classes, through the beautiful henna art she painted for me and her murals.

I would highly recommend learning and practicing yoga with Renata.