Retief Sevenster

cape town
South Africa
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I am a lover of Yoga and teaching. Hatha Yoga claimed my heart and Vinyasa Yoga took me to the mat in my role as Teacher but then it's all Hatha yoga right!
Yip. The yoga of action, truth and general awesomeness.
I wear my practice of yoga and my role as teacher as a loose garment less my ego takes all the fun out of it! I try my best to remain fluid and wise (as best I can) and most certainly uninvolved with the politics of Yoga business.

I love to incorporate sound healing into my classes using Didjiridoo and singing bowl. I enjoy using the art of touch to help students rest in compassionate stillness. I use my ongoing experience of healing my body and mind using yoga in it's many forms- Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Asana and so forth - to serve my students in whatever capacity I am needed for.

I have trained as a massage therapist too and offer very deeply relaxing, uplifting holistic massages incorporating yoga, conscious breath,bodywork, sound healing and aromatherapy to take my clients on a rejuvenating journey into authentic Self-love.

My studio, Bodymind Vinyasa is in a lovely Community centre in our city village called Observatory, Cape Town.

Through my studio and with amazing, gifted souls I host Yogic upliftment retreats to explore nourishing grounded spiritual practice within a safe community space with stunning nature and mountains as our backdrop.

Often we will focus on using yoga to heal the rift between Body and Mind, Self and Other and Masculine and Feminine. We have great fun too! Expect laughter, brave inner work and lots of Sprouts! Our veggie/vegan food is truly good for the soul!

Come visit or join us on retreat!

Please see that attached photo under MEDIA for a full updated list of all my classes at Bodymind and rates.

Thank you, see you on the mat!


Average: 4.7 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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The balanced teacher

When I entered the space of Retief's studio it was a crowded evening in January. My friend and I arrived just as the class started, pretty amateur. Since then, classes have been full or quiet, but never has he denied the entry of anyone. Working on an honesty system and total openness, the studio has allowed me to access my own will to come and go. This informs the state of mind I have come to need, not just from the profoundly beneficial effects on my physical self. The studio and teaching has created a sense of belonging and safety in the yoga practice, however I decide to engage in it. Retief provides a special space which I will always remember as nurturing, guiding and imperative in the moulding of my twenties.

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Let a generous human teach you the art of asana.

Retief is passionate and driven, as well as humble and gentle. He incorporates both of these aspects of his personality into his teaching, which means whatever your mood, you can benefit from a class with him.
I learnt more from Retief in the space of a few months than I had in a long time at Yoga in the UK.. Thanks Retief for bringing such a great energy to the class and creating such a great, friendly community. Namaste. Delphine

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Deep work in Retief's Yoga classes

An old practitioner and teacher of yoga, I have been practicing under Retief's guidance in Cape Town, for 6 months now. I find that his instruction allows the student to take the journey through the asana landscape, deep into the body and the mind, into complete presence. Retief makes a personal connection with each student, and assists us wherever we are. Most importantly, his humility, honesty and humour create an atmosphere of ease and joy. It has been such a pleasure practicing with him and to experience his reverence for Yoga - movement, meditation and philosophy.