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Ocala, FL
United States

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Why Amrit Yoga?

My yogic journey started when a wonderful woman I worked with started a meditation group using Paramahansa Yogananda Kriya Yoga techniques. I have implemented these teachings into my life practicing spiritual principles. I have dedicated a room in my house to focus my energy with yoga, prayer, meditation & mantra chanting. These teachings helped me to start on a new Spiritual journey for the rest of my life.

I have always been drawn to yoga because of how good it makes me feel.
I had an enchanting experience in a Amrit Yoga Nidra class like I did in my first yoga class at age twelve. The Amrit method of Yoga called to my heart and I wanted more of this in my life.
I researched how to get certified in Amrit Yoga level 1, I am Yoga. Amrit Yoga Institute’s“posture of consciousness” program opened up for me to take my Yoga Training and received my 200hr certification. I had a true transformation during my training at the Amrit Yoga Institute of:
Mind; my perspective on life has changed
Body; my gate has changed and my sciatica has improved with this methodology
Heart; my voice has softened & my heart was healed from old scars
Soul; I Am

Now it is my passion to open all hearts to Amrit Yoga as a practice for recovering from the stresses of life. Daily stress leads to all kinds of diseases in the body.
Heart attack’s, high blood pressure, anxiety, sleep disorders, eating disorders,
substance abuse the list goes on.
Practicing the techniques of Amrit Yoga the “Posture of Consciousness” helps you to recover from every day stress. Relaxing your body and quieting your mind. Restoring your ability to cope with stress that trigger unconscious negative reactive patterns.

All levels from beginner to experienced are welcome. Amrit yoga focuses with conscious awareness to be gentle with your body's abilities and limitations. Bringing you to a new understanding of yourself and the world around you. I invite you to join me in this accent form of gentle meditative-yoga. As a result you will begin to increase your ability to have healthy responses to life’s stresses and recover more quickly. Helping you to reunite your mind, body, heart & Soul. Bringing you into harmony with life as it is right here, right now.

Rhonda Woodard
Certified Amrit Method Yoga Instructor
“Posture of Consciousness”


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