Ria Dyaljot

Ibiza Baleares

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Ria is a certified Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Meditation and Breath Work instructor, Chakra Healer, Coach, Flow Massage therapist and Evolutionary Biologist (PhD). 
She started her spiritual path at the early age of 13, she dedicated the first part of her life to science and then decided to dive into a path of inner search and self-discovery, going deeper into her studies of yoga and other conscious techniques. Ria is now sharing her experience in Ibiza, Mallorca and all over Europe teaching classes and bringing people into deep experiences through workshops and retreats. 
Ria believes that all transformation has to start from within and to make any improvement in our life we need to create a strong foundation in ourselves in the first place. Ria’s mission is to help people build that inner foundation. She combines yoga, meditation, breathing, dance, coaching, healing and lifestyle tips to help people connect to themselves and embrace a state of physical, mental and emotional balance. Her highest intention is to inspire and elevate others through her experience and help people live a more conscious, healthy and happy life.
Ria’s teachings are full of love, light and deep expertise. What comes through her teachings is the result of her daily practice, passion and commitment. She doesn't just practice yoga, she lives it! 


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