Ria Kuroki

Santa Monica, CA
United States

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Five years ago I was searching for an exercise routine to add to my daily schedule. I thought about jogging or getting a gym membership or filling that void with something I used to do as a girl, dancing. In the end I decided to give yoga a try. I fell in love right away and the more I practiced the more my appreciation grew. I came to realize that yoga was about so much more than just the physical and I started to focus on the mental and spiritual aspects. Now, after five years of conscious practice, school in India, and classes around the world I’ve learned to focus on the positives in any situation. Yoga centers me and unites my body and mind to create the best possible condition of my being. There is nothing for me to be afraid of as long as I’m working towards the best in the moment. I love yoga because it challenges me to reach my physical potential while at the same time granting me the awareness to make sure I’m not overworking myself. Now, as a teacher, I am able to share my experience, knowledge and inspiration with others. I live my life to the fullest through yoga.


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