Rian Bodner

United States

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“I didn’t come to yoga because it was easy for me, I came because it was now.” Coming from a long line of martyrs, Rian spent much of his life recycling phrases like “Not this time”. Both his body and his mind suffered in this deep well of unworthiness. 
Like the space in the eye of the storm, yoga allows the clarity needed to overcome the narrow-minded view we have of our lives. This beautiful space we can create, allows us to peacefully observe ourselves and be witness to all that moves around and through us. Only then can that space open to expansion. Combining asana with theme and through the vibrational power of sound through mantra/harmonium, Rian’s classes create the space for tangible, visceral, blissful, grounding, and unexpected opening. Rian is a believer that there is only one body type made for the practice of yoga; the human body. So if you happen to possess one of these, all that is needed to allow yourself this opening to grace is simply choosing to show up.
Rian is a 500 hour certified yoga instructor. After completing his 200 hour certification with Sonic Yoga, he went on to complete his 500 hour certification with Yogamaya, and has spent over a year assisting Elena Brower. Rian’s teaching is skilled, sensitive and strong. His work has been called “impeccable, heartfelt and accurate”.


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