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I like a lot be involved for knowledge, fascinate all about Yoga, old culture and sciences much more. Teaching is for me the best way to learn more and stay inside of a theme. When the theme is Yoga, more I teach more I learn. I start Yoga because my work as Web-Developer put me long periods of time in the front of computer and it´s give me a lot of back pain, then start with Iyengar Yoga and some months after start my self practice alone. In a Holiday in Portugal got the first contact with Swásthya Yoga, after that practice for around two years also alone with some kind of supervision. Then I decide to drink at the source of Yoga and go to India to know the Indian ways of the life and Yoga. 2011 did the first TTC and start to teach Hatha Yoga and in 2013 I join a Tantra Yoga TTC. Last year I got contact with the Agama Community and join in two months the Level 1 and all Workshops in this period of time.
I teach 6 classes on the week in different places. All classes are open for everyone, some of the classes are more restorative and another more powerfull, some of then are a mix and some I use a specific style of Yoga like just to vary and introduce the students something more about Yoga.
After my first TTC start also to learn and practice Naturopathy and Ayurveda, sometimes I offer also Yoga and Ayurveda Workshops and use this background to design some classes.
Some more about my activies relatade to Yoga you can find at , be free to get in touch any time you want.

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